Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Blog Will Be Officially Gone :c

I'm so sorry I have to do this guys! But my schedule has been SUPER busy lately and I can't have any free time! The blog will be gone in a few days, I'm sorry I left with a unexpected reason. I hope you jammers understand me! It's been awhile since I've went on animal jam, I won't go on animal jam often but I will get on here and there c: I'll will miss you jammers dearly. I might start blogging again next year. I don't know if anyone is even reading this.. oh well .-. Have a awesome adventure in Jamaa, bye jammers. :c </3


  1. Hi this a jammer named Mustang1. I understand that you're busy so what is wish is for you to come back next year. I'm one of those people who really does appreciate your blog so come back soon. You are one of those jammers who I look up to so please come back. Good bye.

  2. Me too! Maybe you can have author tryouts! ( maybe me? ;))


  3. sighs

    cookies this is leah5226

    i know this is late but i miss you so much. please come back :(
    i hope you come back to blogging because i really miss you


    Love leah5226

    1. Hey Leah, I just saw your comment! I miss you a lot too :( so much old memories on this blog lol. How's life?


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