Friday, January 4, 2013

Snow Fort Den

                      Hey jammers! Sorry I was out yesterday, because of school,
                   I might not able to post anymore. But, I will post once in a while!
            Yesterday's update was on The Snow Fort Den! It has returned to Jamaa.
                     Also Cosmo the Koala Alpha, is now the spotlight of jamaa!
                       Liza has decided to make a Animal Contest, make sure you join!
                                   Here's the new updated calender for January!
                                     Last, Mira Says has been doubled gems.
                     Now on to today's stuff. The Heart Couch and Medusa Mask is
                                  both sold in the New Years Party 2013.
                                   Finally, the new News Crew Assignment!
                              That's all for today! Make sure you vote -->


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