Friday, January 18, 2013

Update on Hatapalooza

                                 Sorry, I forgot to mention the new item for TODAY.
                        The new item is the returning Dog Sled from a few seasons ago!
                             Hey jammers! Sorry I was out for awhile yesterday.
                    Yesterday's update is on Hatapalooza Celebration, on rare hats!
           There are many Hat Shops around Jamaa! I heard there's one in Mt.Shiveer.
       Everyday, there are new released rare hats that are only sold for that day ONLY.
                             Here's the picture of the Hat Shop in Mt. Shiveer.
                                  *All pictures, credit goes to Snowyclaw!*
                                                         Sarepia Forest.
                                   And in Coral Canyon's Pathway! How odd...
              Also there's this really cool series of Birthstones! Each month you get
               to collect a unique item that is sold in the wonderful Epic Wonders!
                                      January's Birthstone is the Garnet.
             Winners of Liza's Animal Contest has been announced, make sure
              you go to Jammer Central in Jamaa Township to see the winners!
                     And pet owls are the monthly member gift for January.
                     The game Twister has been doubled gems! Also there
                            is another winner of the News Crew Article.
                              Last the updated calender for activities.
                     That's all for now, Happy Hatapalooza! And have
                                 a wonderful adventure in Jamaa.


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