Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bird Of Paradise!

                                                   Click here to see the whole update!
                                 Hi jammers! Sorry I couldn't post earlier, it was because I
                              overslept and felt LAZY -.- Anyways, today's new item is the
                            Heart Antennae Head Band a rare sold in Jam Mart Clothing ^-^
                                       The Friendship Party is going to end soon! >.<
                                       The items are on clearance for now, hurry fast!
           The update's topic is Birds-Of-Paradise. Also they have a Paradise Party and
                                a journey book! How exciting is that jammers! ^-^
                                    It is National Geographic 125 year anniversary!
                                       Raccoons are the new animals for the members,
                                          it's possible it will arrive in the new update.
                                     The winning entries of the contest are up! Go
                                            check it out in Jammer Central ^-^  
                                           Last there is a Cosmo's Hat Contest.
                               Sorry jammers! That's all I could do for today, I really
                              got to hit the hay >.< See ya around Jamaa and have fun!


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