Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Last Day Of Haiku Contest!

                                     Hi jammers! The new item is the Paradise Window,
                                                     sold in the Paradise Party ^-^
Hey jammers! Today will be different, I'm not going to post about the new item (I will later). As you all should know, if you have entered the haiku contest, today is the dead end! So the haiku winner is... RockyTop2! Congratulations RockyTop2, you've won the contest! You'll have to meet me soon on AJ to get your prize ^-^ Well that's all for today, bye jammers. Also, here's RockyTop2's haiku:

                                           A World Called Jamaa by RockyTop2
                                                     Across the river bend,
                                                     Into you open mind,
                                                     Lies a world called Jamaa.

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