Monday, February 11, 2013

Pink Crystal

                       Hey jammers! Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, it was my
             Birthday and I was really tired. Yesterdays item was the Pink Crystal.
                       The Pink Crystal is located in Jam Mart Clothing!
              AJHQ said that Animal Jam is currently being updated, so it's offline.
                                 Today's new item is the Rose Bouquet,
                                        also sold in Jam Mart Clothing.
                                  Last, two new posts on the Daily Explorer.
              The snow leopard cards are on sale for $13.95 at target now! And
        lately I've got one! Now I am a member ^-^ Congrats to Mighty Toughmoon!
                     That's all for now! Bye Jammers and have fun in Jamaa!


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