Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fallen Leaves and the story.

                                                       Hey jammers!
                      Today's new item is the Fallen Leaves sold in Jam Mart Furniture.
                            Some of you have already read about Snowyclaw's blog
If you didn't read it yet ---> Click Here! and I would like to mention how important she is to everyone.
Everyone was different before blogging, even me!
I appreciate Snowyclaw's best work and her cool personality.
Just because Snowyclaw had probably made a mistake back then,
but no one is perfect! And you can't fix a mistake, but you can forgive.
Don't let the past mess with your future.
Fame is a matter of time, and you'll have to succeed in life.
>.< I feel like a gossiper :\ Are famous people mean?
I don't think so, because they are hard working people and try there best.
This is reality were talking about, not some online gaming site.
Open your eyes, this is really happening!
Lets take a moment in reality, forget about all the scams, and scammers in Jamaa.
Forgive and forget! That's all we're asking for, don't hold on to that same mistake.
Well, I'm not even famous yet, and I appreciate what I am right now.
If you haven't read what happened, your so lost --> Click here! 
Well that's all for today, Happy Jamming and stay safe.

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