Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bag Of Gifts, Cedar, and Samurai

                  Hey jammers! Sorry for being late ._. I needed some sleep.
       Well back to the daily post, lots of neat things today, first the Jamaaliday Gift!
       The returning holiday rare from last year, Bag Of Gifts! Great for a decoration.
                             A returning den item, the Lit Ornamental Cedar!
                            You can purchase one in Jam Mart Furniture ^-^
                                           The Golden Samurai Helmet!
                          Now selling in Epic Wonders. I wonder why we would need this?
                            Well, it's a great clothing item for a decent look, right? Hehe.
                    Guess what! The Monthly Member Gifts are here for December!
                The Monthly Gift for December is an extra Jamaaliday Gift, cool huh!
                               Here's a neat picture from a awesome jammer!
                                       Happy Jamaaliday, bye jammers!

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