Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jamaaliday and Update!

 Hey jammers! Sorry I was late, but I got sick >.< anyways, lots of new stuff today!
        First are the two returning items from last Christmas, the Jolly Elf Hat
       (Jam Mart Clothing) and the Gingerbread Tree (Jam Mart Furniture).
                The daily gift today is 400 gems, use it for great things!
                                                      The update is on Jamaaliday!
                                             The monthly gifts are here for December!
                             First the Gingerbread House and then the Ginger Bread Treehouse!
                             Also go to the returning party Jamaaliday Jam! Have fun jammers!
                                                Here is the new calender for December!
                               The underwater version of Best Dressed is finally double gems!
                                      There are 4 extra slots for more animals now!
                                       And a totally new animal system! Looks great ^-^
                            Also a new News Article winner for the 'Return Of The Alphas'
                        How great, the Alpha bunny Peck has been announced as an Alpha!
                                 Whoa there! A new video has been released in Jamaa Central!
                                         It's about the Alphas! Hurry up and go watch it!
                                      Today's update was awesome right? Haha, well that's
                                       all for today jammers, hope to see ya around Jamaa!

                                                          *Credits go to Snowyclaw*


  1. what do you mean buy 4 more slots?

    1. Well, AJHQ decided to add 4 more slots for members to add more animals if you like! Thanks for asking!



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