Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jamaaliday, Lit Baobab Tree, and more!

                         Hey jammers! Today's daily jamaaliday gift is 600 gems!
                     I've noticed the price goes up each day, 100 gems each day ^-^
                  I forgot to mention the Lit Baobab Tree and the Coral Snowman yesterday.
                               The Lit Baobab Tree is sold in Jam Mart Furniture and
                             you can purchase a Coral Snowman in Sunken Treasures!
                                   There are a few posts from the Daily Explorer.
                          I also forgot to mention that the Daily Explorer has changed!
                      Looks great, right! Well, if you want to check it out --> Click Here
                                                   That's all for now jammers! Bye.

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