Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Day To Remember!

                              Hey jammers! What a beautiful day in my area ^-^ Anyways!
                          Awesome news... There's a update. First the new item, a Surfboard!
                            Amazing! Animal jam has reached over 10 MILLION jammers!
                                            Also there is a new code, 10MILLION.
                                              You receive a 10 million banner
                                              when you enter the new code ^-^
                                         There's a new hunt going on! There are 8
                              eight eggs hidden in Jamaa! Good luck you jammers!
                        The monthly member gift for April is a Spirit Armor! Cool!
           Yay! Games all over Jamaa are doubled gems for the next 2 weeks!
             I hope all of you guys have a great spring break ^-^ If you wanted
        to see the full Jamaa Journal click here! It'll be on Snowyclaw's mini blog.




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