Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lucky Clovers ^.^

                   Hey jammers! I'm back! Well testing was a big mess >.<
                   But then again... Testing tomorrow -_- So I won't be posting tomorrow!
                   I am guessing tomorrow is the last day for testing. Anyways, March, 8,
                   item is the Clover Cape. This item is sold in Bahari Bargains ^-^
                                    Yesterday's item was the Clover Seat!
                              The Clover Seat is sold in the Lucky Day Party.
                    And today's item is the Clover! Sold in Jam Mart Clothing.
                                  Also, AJHQ posted a new post on the
                                                   Daily Explorer.
                                       Last, the arcade games in Club Geoz
                          are all doubled gems! Make sure you check them out.
                          That's all for today jammers! Bye, have fun in Jamaa!


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