Thursday, August 30, 2012

NEW updates!

                Hey guys! We did it! We achived our goal! We donated 100 million gems!
                                                    how awesome is that ! :D
                 I got this picture from Snowyclaw. What is the next endangered animal?
                                  They also have a Monkeys Only Party!
                                                 Also monkey pets are out!

               Isn't this neat?! They have a Tree Top Garden in Sarepia Forest!
                       Is it possible that some betas are going to come out?
                  They also have a ticket shop! Isn't that COOL!
                                                     v__v YAY!
                         Check out the cool new stuff in Costume Corner!
                                 Who will be the luck jammer?
                        They also made a new calender C:
                           And finally, Long Shot is Gems x2!

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