Thursday, August 16, 2012

Updates (:

So this similar thing happened like the ''comedy'' girl.
But in different ways :l So, like i had 63 but then just like
                               one second later. I check the buddy list, BAM i have 64.
                            I did not see any buddy requests or anything just that person
                            popped up on the buddy list. There's definitely a glitch ......
                       but it could be someone else, that's a hacker :l But I'm not sure.
                       But here's the weird-er thing .... So i wanted to see this ''persons''
                      den, but apparently it was LOCKED! I was like ''WHAT!?''
                    If it said I added him or her. I should be able to access
                     his or hers den. So everyone, this could happen to you,
                         but don't worry, it shouldn't be anything harmful ...

               Hey, Everyone after the event. I realized I get support
                  from everyone in different ways. Also, Daily AJ News
                             will be back online! And I was just so
                        excited to see the new updates in Animal Jam!
                     You can buy a Tree Stump in Jam Mart Furniture.
                      This is the new den! Enchanted Hollow
                                   sold in the Den Shop.  
                              Here's a inside look.
                AJHQ could of picked a den entry a few
                weeks earlier but I guess will have to wait.
                                     Yay! #GoTurtles.
                   There's a new fun way to get tickets now!
                 You hit the balloons in order to get tickets.
        There is now a new and useful tool! You
       can change you cursor. I knew I was right :P
       We are one step closer to reaching our goal!
         so donate more gems! #SupportTeam.
   I got the great news from SnowyClaw! The Shamans are back!
     ''They Shall return the beloved stories with 'em.''

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