Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wooden Toy box.

                 Wooden Toy Box in Jam Mart Furniture!
                 Finally something new for Non-Members! :DD
  Hey Everyone! I would like to announce something ...
  Everyone should know Lovelost by now, and I just heard that she
  Is quitting her blog, and animal jam :(. Very heart breaking. Love lost inspired
  me to become a blogger. She was my idol i looked up too.
               These were her last words for goodbye:

'' Well, hi! I'm sure no one even remembers who
 I am and no one even looks at this blog anymore, but I just want to answer some questions:

What happened to you? What happened to AJF?
Short answer: I pretty much quit AJ and blogging.

                         Why did you quit?
For personal reasons. Plus, I'm not really interested in AJ anymore.
It's not the same as it used to be, it's all too, well, new and different. I miss the old AJ!

                      can i huz ur rare itemz
Remember: I ain't no prize box. Just because I quit doesn't mean
I am giving all my stuffs away. You might want to improve your spelling too.

               Will you ever come back?
Chances are, no. I do come and visit AJ every once in a while,
and I could possible change my mind later.
 (Why would anyone want me back anyway? :D)

  Sinse you quit, can I takeover your blog?
       You spelled "since" wrong.

So are you going to delete the blog, or keep it up?
I'm keeping the blog up, just not posting on it anymore.
 Looking through the old posts brings back memories, and
 I want newer players to have a glimpse at the old versions of AJ.

           Do you play any other games?
No, I don't play any other computer games.
 And therefore you can not reach me through sites like AJ.
 I do use a number of sites though, so if you feel you need to reach me, you can here:

 Colors! 3D:

(Just leave a comment on one of my paintings)
No, I am not that good at art, but I will get better... eventually.
 I only have one horrible painting, but I will have more when I am not lazy.

I'll post more links to stuff when and if I feel like it.

The Jammer named LoveLost is no more!
I had fun in Jamaa with everyone, but now we must say goodbye.''

Everyone should be proud of all her achievements.
    Good Bye Lovelost :( We will all truly miss you


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