Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Surprises!

                 Hey jammers! I found out the glitch to Mushroom Den glitch! You could do
                    the glitch in many ways though, but the glitch isn't that interesting.
                        I did it but, it was hard for me to go explore around the den.
                Like I would try to find a path to go up in the sky, but no way to get there!
                Hmm, can anyone help show me a path?! Well, I guess will find out later :\
               Hey Jammers! You guys gotta believe this! The World Animal Day banner
                 is back in stores! The surprised Pumpkin is back, Both items are sold in
                                               Jam Mart Furniture!
                               Also Underwater Skeleton Mask is back!
                                         Sold in Bahari Bargains c:

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