Thursday, October 25, 2012


                              Hey jammers! Today we have so much things new to us!
                            First lets start with the two new items in Jam Mart Clothing!
                                           The Yeti Mask and the Monster Teeth!
                           A Nessie Mask and a Skull item is sold in Sunken Treasures!
                                       The mask has a new interesting color :D
                                          Coral Phantom and Scary Barrel!
                                    Arctic Wolves are mentioned in the update!
               Night of the Phantoms is leaving soon! So hurry up and get your cool stuff!
                Also AJHQ had mentioned a turtle will soon be available for everyone!
                          Also a new game had came! Its called Splash and Dash.
           Sadly its for members only, but I hop its a great game! Its in Bahari Bargains!
                 This is great! One of the shamans have been mentioned in the update!
                        There are so many new shaman loading pages!
                  And last the updated calender! Well, see you guys around Jamaa!


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