Saturday, October 20, 2012

Phantom Mask and Pumpkins!

  I forgot to mention that the Bat Wallpaper is also sold in the Haunted Forest party.
             Also the Scary Eyes are also sold in the Haunted Forest party!
                     Sorry I don't have a picture of the Scary Eyes yet.
                    Hey jammers! Today's new items is the Phantom Mask sold in
                    Epic Wonders, and the Pumpkin head sold in Hot Cocoa Hut!
               AJHQ finally mentioned the Arctic wolves! They are in stores ONLY :{
      Oh and sad news ... D.A.N will be offline for 2 days because of technical difficulties.
                             Haha, D.A.N means ( Daily Animal Jam News)
              Anyways.. question of the day: [What should I do to make D.A.N better?]



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