Thursday, October 11, 2012

Phantoms *__*

                                 Hey Jammers! Sorry I'm late, but today in Jamaa
                         there's a lot of things going on! First off the Jack-O'-Lantern Head!
                                         Its underwater too! How cool is that!?
                                                   Sold in Bahari Bargains.
                                Candy Bowl is back in Jam Mart Furniture!
                               Mummy Mask is here sold in Jam Mart Clothing!
                             Great news jammers, Haunted Mansion is back!
             AJHQ had posted about the pet tarantulas. Also the great new party is here!
                                         I need to go check it out soon!
                     The Phantom Vortex is back! I need to find one soon :DD
                              You get a Phantom Fountain if you beat Lvl 5.
                Night of the Phantom is near. And congrats Doctor MagicStone!
                                      The winner of the Jam-a-Gram contest.
                              Well, that's all for today! Happy Halloween!

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