Saturday, April 13, 2013

Back From A Break!

                                   Hey jammers! I'm back, thank you for waiting patiently!
                              Today's post is going to be a big mess! Today's new item is the
                                    Hood With Feather! It is sold in Jam Mart Clothing!
                              There are a few other items sold in Jam Mart Furniture ^-^
                           This is amazing we have a photo booth placed in Club Geoz ^o^
                              Back then, Club Geoz was very unpopular. Now it won't be!
                                         Most members should receive a gift from AJHQ!
                                     There is a new contest from Graham the monkey shaman!
                                         I hope everyone celebrates Earth Day in Jamaa!
                                        Lastly, the koalas have gone exploring with Cosmo!
                                 We will dearly miss the koalas. They're so adorable though!
                                          Have fun with the new update! Bye jammers!

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