Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jam Session!

                 Hey jammers! Lately I've been posting after school, so that's why I am late >.<
           Today's new items are the Garden Plot and Tomatoes! Both sold in Jam Mart Clothing.
                                  I love the new Garden Plot! We can finally grow plants!
                        The update is mostly on the new party Jam Session! Make sure you
                       check out the new party and jam out! And have the greatest fun ever!
                                      There's also a Jam Session Shop in the party ^-^
                             Where are the animals traveling to? Why are they traveling?
                                    Yay! The  Summer Carnival is returning to Jamaa ^-^
                                  There's a new News Crew Article on the Daily Explorer!
                        That's all for today jammers! Enjoy the update and have fun in Jamaa!
                                        Oh and make sure you check out the new party!



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