Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Congrats DoomyPanda!

                  Hey jammers! Sorry I didn't post yesterday! Fell asleep and forgot about blogging!
             Yesterday's new item was the Recycling Bin, today's new item is the Four Square Court!
             I love that game! I used to play it with my friends, there both sold in Jam Mart Furniture.
                      AJHQ posted two new posts! Is that DoomyPanda!? Yes it is, how great!
                          DoomyPanda won the news crew article! Congrats DoomyPanda ^-^
                             That's all for today jammers! I know the post today was short too,
                       school is getting harder then ever! I hope you guys have fun in Jamaa ^-^


  1. Thanks! :)

    By the way, I wish I could be online more often to talk to you. It's the ending stretch of my school year and I have a lot to do. :( Well, the summer is approaching. (For me, that is.)

  2. Your welcome Doomy!

    I know right! So much tests and school work I have to deal with. And it is near the end of the school year! But good luck to you and the future! (Tests >.<)


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